We offer sleep management help for your organization or team

Identify the problem

How energetized, productive and creative is your team? Are people properly taking care of themselves in order to be able to lead others and contribute to the team? In conversations with our clients we identify the status quo of the team or organization and any potential problems that need to be addressed. We determine what type of tailored solution is right for the needs of this target audience. Questions that come up are:

  • What are the main drivers of the current energy and sleep status of the organization?
  • Is the leadership supportive of a change?
  • What sort of format works best in your organization?

  • Policy recommendations

    In order for organizations to fully embed sleep and energy management practices in their culture we also offer clients advice on the introduction of company policies and approaches to enhance awareness. Policy changes will differ greatly depending on the client context, but can relate to travel, work-time limits, emails, nap-rooms and smart technology to support sleep.

    Personalized assessment

    Our online sleep and energy assessments offer participants the opportunity to gain insight into their current sleep status, energy levels and sleep habits. Furthermore, they allow the tracking of progress over time.

    Energy assessment: Four different types of energy are distinguished.
      Physical energy: How much energy do you have available?
    Mental energy: What is the level of your mental focus?
    Emotional energy: To what extent are you experiencing positive emotions?
      Spiritual energy: Are you spending your time and energy on what is really meaningful to you?

    Sleep assessment: Sleep habits and current sleep status is measured, in addition to the impact of sleep status on performance at work & at home.

    Tailored workshops

    Our workshops are tailored for each group based on the initial conversations as well as the online assessment results. The in-person workshops can be followed by group and/or individual sleep consultations:

    Maximize impact

    In order to maximize the impact of our workshops, we believe creating accountability and providing continued support to be key. We achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Sleep consultation sessions: In order to maximize the impact of the sleep workshop over time, we offer individual and group consultation sessions focused on the behavioural changes made after the workshop. In these sessions we review the commitments made in the workshop, what worked well and what has been difficult to implement, offer guidance on sustaining the change and setting new targets to further improve sleep. These sessions have been found to be critical in creating accountability and supporting sustained change
  • Resources: We share helpful resources with our clients during and after the programs ends (if they wish so). These resources include articles, videos, blogs, and additional tools and gadgets we recommend
  • Track progress: our participants can retake their online assessment at any time in order to track their progress, get reminded of the helpful practices and help them in forming new goals to attain

  • Of our previous participants 76% said follow-up counseling or workshops are helpful in implementing changes


    of our clients said they made a change positive change in their behaviour after working with us
    Highly recommended. Great insights to improve your sleep!
    The sleep workshop opened my eyes on the importance of sleep to my long term well being and it gave me numerous practical tips on how to improve my current energy level and sleep habits
    Very efficient workshop that will change the way you think about sleep, but also how you treat your body to achieve more