Why care about sleep?

Your performance

Sleep has a direct impact on your performance at work, through multiple pathways:

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Attention and concentration: Your ability to stay focused over a longer period of time

Memory and learning: Your ability to take in new information, consolidate and retrieve it at a later time point

Creativity & Insight: Your ability to come up with new solutions, insights from the wealth of information we process each day

Leadership: Your ability to solve problems, seek different perspectives; support others and working results-driven

Mental health

Sleep has a significant impact on your mood and emotional state. Not getting sufficient sleep has been shown to lead to:

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Depression: An overall lowering of mood (more down) and a blunted emotional response to positive events or achieving goals

Anxiety: Heightened levels of anxiety

Emotional reactivity: Heightened response to emotional events, both subjectively and (neuro) physiologically

Physical health

Sleep plays an essential role in a number of physiological processes critical to your health:

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Cardiovascular health: A higher risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke

Diabetes: An altered insulin response to sugar (similar to pre-diabetics)

Metabolism & obesity: Increased hunger levels and less healthy nutritional choices

Growth: Decreased ability to grow and renew body cells


A lack of sleep impairs our perception and judgment. This can lead to:

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Errors and near-errors: Decreased ability to sustain focus and concentration levels

Accidents: Increased accident rates, potentially even fatal accidents (e.g., in the US it has been estimated that about 1 in 5 car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers)

How do we work?

Sleep consulting and advice

We have specialized programs for organizations and individuals.

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For organizations: Through tailored programs including several types of sleep workshops and policy recommendations. The effectiveness of the workshops can be easily enhanced with pre online assessments and follow-up consultations sessions.

For individuals: One-on- one sleep consultation sessions starting with a personalized assessment of your current sleep status and a tailored sleep solution program designed to improve your sleep


Els is a public speaker who can engage any audience on the topic of sleep and energy management, discussing the critical ingredients to energy, the importance of sleep, and what you can change right now to improve your sleep, your performance and health

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of our clients said that after working with us, they have made a change in their behaviour which led to an improvement in their sleep
Sleep management is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your energy, lifestyle and productiveness
It is important for people to realise the importance of sleep. It was an eye opener to see how lack of sleep affects our mood and productivity


of our clients said they made a change positive change in their behaviour after working with us
The workshop made me aware of the importance of sleep, but more importantly, it raised awareness on long-term energy management. It was an eye opener for our research team.